4 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Optimize Your PC


These days, the price of computers is quite affordable. As such, business professionals may opt for buying new computers whenever they experience the slightest problems with their machines. While computer cost may be on a downward trend, you do not have to necessarily buy a new machine every time there is a problem with yours.

You can increase the productivity of your computer by caring for it properly and regularly. In this article, we tell you the suggestions to optimize your pc so that it gives you the best performance.

1. Check the programs running on your machine

When it comes to optimizing the performance of your PC, the first thing that you need to do is to figure out the programs running and how taxing to your hardware they are. Fortunately, Windows 7 includes a host of free utilities you can use in pinpointing performance bottlenecks as well as uncovering weak points such as missing Windows security patches or outdated driver software.

Remove outdated programs and replace them with latest versions. Take note to download them only from the official manufacturer’s website. This is what will give you peak performance.

2. Optimize web browser

Due to technologies like Wi-Fi capabilities, ADSL and cable modem, the internet has become a highly fast information portal. However, not all computers can operate to their full potential with regard to high speed. For this reason, you need to optimize and update your browser.

While browser updates and settings are important, system updates are too. If a new product glitch or security threat comes, it is followed almost immediately with a fix. In order to ensure that your operating system stays out of trouble, make sure that your system can keep up with every new addition. In the same way, integrate these fast and smoothly too.

3. Remove Viruses

Viruses are the most serious cyber security threats computers encounter periodically. If your computer has unusual PC slowness, it could be having viruses. And given that there are more than a million viruses being circulated, you could easily have a computer that is infected without you knowing it.

Research shows that many people will not realize that their antivirus programs are out of date and that their computers are not protected. Make sure that you scan your system regularly and through using up-to-date virus removal tools. This is the best way to optimize pc.

4. Clean Windows Registry

All the settings and programs of Windows are stored in the Windows registry. Installing and uninstalling applications can inundate Windows registry with useless junks that occupy space and even slow down the system eventually. The best way to boost your computer’s operating speed is to clean your registry deeply and proactively.


There are many things that can make your computer to slow down and thus not perform to you the way you would like it to. When your computer becomes lethargic, the best thing is not to run to the mall to buy a new one. You just need simple tips to ensure that your computer gives you top notch performance at all times.